Accident Towing in Byron Bay

If you have just been in an accident, the best thing for you to do is to avoid attempting to drive your vehicle any further as this could endanger you or damage it further.

Byron Bay Towing can help you out if this happens and we are just a call away when you need someone to get your vehicle back to a repair shop.

Once we get your call, will dispatch a driver who can bring the driver and passenger to a safe location as they tow your vehicle to be stored or repaired.

Byron Bay Towing is approved by most insurance companies, and we can bill the accident towing to them for you to cover everything.

In the case that your vehicle cannot be picked up sooner, we can store it for you in one of our secure facilities until instructed further.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Accident Towing

We understand the stress that you will have after being in an accident and we will do everything to make sure your vehicle is brought back safely.

In the case that you want it to be repaired as soon as possible, we will gladly take it to the nearest trusted repair shop to have it fixed.

Our experienced drivers will take good care of your vehicle and see to it that it will not suffer any more damage on the way back.

Regardless of where the accident occurs, we can take you back to safety so you can get checked up or rest while we bring your car to a repair shop.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive After an Accident

No matter how experienced or careful you are, there is no telling what can happen after a vehicle has been in an accident.

Our drivers will check the vehicle before they tow it to assess the situation and make sure that no more damage comes to the vehicle.

This will require the proper equipment, especially if your vehicle has suffered a lot of damage as further efforts from the vehicle can make things worse.

Another reason you should not drive after an accident is that you may not know if there is any trauma caused to you, which may put you in danger.

What We Can Guarantee

No matter what vehicle you have or where you need it towed to and from, we can get the job done in a short amount of time by taking the best and safest routes.

Our equipment is more than capable of handling any kind of vehicle to ensure its safety as it is towed and will make sure that no matter what state it is in, will take good care of it.

If you want your vehicle repaired, we will make sure to bring them to a proper repair shop that can handle the damage and charges fairly for their service.

If you need your vehicle stored in the meantime, we will gladly store it for you at an affordable price so you can rest knowing that it is secure.

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